For a number of years I was managing a busy supermarket in Denmark. On a daily basis a lot of time and money were spent on handling cardboard and plastic waste. The more successful I was in the supermarket the more waste I generated. The amount of time spent on handling waste increased and so did the space required for containers in the customer parking lot. The first thing that my customers would see should not be a container, so I started looking for a solution.

The hydraulic balers available in the market did not meet my needs. They were large, complicated, noisy, messy and expensive. What I was looking for, was a baler that was simple, safe and easy to use, quiet and environmental friendly. It turned out that if I wanted all of these unique features in one baler, I would have to develop one myself. I was challenged to do something about the problem and developed the first Mil-tek baler.

I built a small, simple, efficient baler – powered by compressed air. The baler met my expectations and turned out to be even more unique than expected. I had solved my waste problem and the team in the supermarket was quite pleased about the solution. Soon other supermarket managers heard about the waste solution and were interested in a baler similar to the one I had developed – the next five balers were produced. Suddenly I was in a positive dilemma – should I continue my career as a supermarket manager, or take the chance and fulfill my dream and follow this great business opportunity?

The rumor about the new revolutionary baler spread fast. A man from Ireland, who later became my first foreign business partner, heard about this new baler and wanted to sell it in Ireland. I sent him my last remaining baler. The next day he called me and told me that he had sold the baler on his flight back to Ireland and urgently needed a new one to showcase in Ireland.

These positive circumstances made it easy to follow the dream. My wife and I decided to pursue this opportunity and set balers in production that could handle an increasing waste problem. In 1992 Mil-tek was established.

That is how it all started. The original model has grown into a range of 19 different models of balers and trash compactors (11 available in the USA), made in Denmark with precision by the use of robot technology and sold worldwide through a distribution of Mil-tek partners.

Our customers choose our balers for many reasons; to cut waste handling costs, to improve internal logistics, to save space, to improve the environment – or even when it comes to kitchen trash, to improve the hygienic environment. The Mil-tek solution compacts the waste and reduces the number of containers and garbage cans.

Quality is our main focus. This is the main reason why Mil-tek serve more customers than anyone else when it comes to balers and trash compactors. Together with the customer we take pride in finding the right waste solution and its financial impact. The result is the most economically sensible solution, as well as the most environmentally friendly balers. We call this environmental concern with common sense or ENVIRONOMICS.

Kristian Skannerup
Founder & CEO of Mil-tek


Number of Countries: 31
Number of Franchise/Distibutor Businesses Worldwide: 60

 Environmental Concern. Common Sense.TM